Frequently Asked Questions for Teachers

Q: What is STEM Teach III?

A: STEM Teach III is a project of the Independent Colleges of Indiana (ICI) in partnership with the Center of Excellence in Leadership of Learning (CELL) at the University of Indianapolis. Through a state grant, it brings together a group of ICI member and public institutions to offer STEM graduate courses to in-service teachers to complete the requirements from the Higher Learning Commission (HLC) for teaching dual credit courses. It also seeks to strengthen K-12 teachers’ STEM knowledge and pedagogy to enrich STEM classroom instruction in Indiana.

Q: Who is eligible to participate in STEM Teach III?

A. In order to be eligible for STEM Teach III, teachers must be currently teaching a dual credit course in Indiana or slated to teach a dual credit course in an upcoming academic year. All applicants are required to submit a letter of verification from a school administrator.

Q: Now that registration is closed for the final semester of Summer 2019, when will I be able to take classes again?

A: STEM Teach will apply for a new round of funding in Summer 2019. If funded again, it is likely that classes will be available beginning in the spring of 2020.

Q: How many semesters are available for STEM Teach III?

A: Originally six semesters were available for ST III; however a grant extension has allowed us to add an additional semester. Therefore, STEM Teach III includes semesters for Spring 2018, Summer I 2018, Summer II 2018, Fall 2018, Winter/Spring 2019, Summer I 2019.  Summer II 2019 was added to create an additional course-taking opportunity for teachers..

Q: How do I become eligible to participate in STEM Teach III?

A: Teachers must complete an online application to participate in this grant-funded opportunity.

Q: Who is eligible to register for courses?

A: All in-service teachers in Indiana public schools, including charters, who have been accepted into the STEM Teach III program and are currently teaching dual credit courses will be eligible to register for courses. As space permits, teachers may enroll in a maximum of 1 graduate course per semester.

Q: How do I register for courses in STEM Teach III?

A: Teachers who are accepted into the program will receive email instructions prior to each semester detailing when they may register for courses. Based on a variety of indicators, teachers are prioritized for class registration.

Q: May teachers enroll directly into courses at any institution that is offering STEM Teach courses?

A: No. Teachers must register for courses through the STEM Teach teacher portal to be eligible for this grant-funded opportunity.

Q: Will teachers receive a degree or certificate from STEM Teach III?

A: STEM Teach III does not provide degrees or certificates; it provides opportunities to take free graduate level courses at participating higher education institutions that may count toward degrees or certificates.

Q: How do I know if courses will count toward my dual credit credential?

A: Teachers must work with their school’s primary dual credit provider prior to registering for a course to ensure that a course will count towards credentialing.

Q: What are the Higher Learning Commission’s (HLC) requirements to teach dual credit courses?

A: Teachers should contact their school’s primary dual credit provider to learn about the courses required to teach dual credit.  The formal language regarding dual credit teacher guidelines from the HLC is available here:

Q: Are there fees associated with taking STEM Teach III courses?

A: Tuition and book/materials fees are at no cost to eligible teachers who participate in STEM Teach III. 

Q: How do I receive textbooks or materials for my course?
A: The institution that is offering the course will provide the book/materials for the course and send it to you prior to the start of the course.  Teachers do not need to purchase or pay for any tuition, books, materials or fees for any STEM Teach course. For some courses, teachers may be instructed to purchase the required textbook and be reimbursed soon afterwards.

Q: Will eligible teachers receive completion awards and the stipends for course materials and fees as in previous iterations of STEM Teach?

A: No. In order to provide more course-taking opportunities, no completion awards or stipends will be awarded for participation in this iteration of the program. 

Q: When will STEM Teach III courses be offered?

A: STEM Teach III courses will be offered beginning in Spring 2018 and continue through Summer 2019. Seven semesters of courses are being funded through STEM Teach III.

Q: Will every accepted applicant be able to complete 18 credit hours?

A: STEM Teach III does not guarantee that every teacher will be able to complete 18 credit hours.  An applicant’s priority status, class availability, content area limitations, minimum and maximum enrollment requirements, funding limitations, etc. can affect the number of credit hours available to accepted applicants.

Q: What do I do if I need to drop a course after I have registered and enrolled and even attended or participated in some sessions?

A: Please give thoughtful consideration to your registration and enrollment in this grant-funded opportunity. If you are unable to complete the course, another teacher will have missed out on the opportunity to participate. If you need to drop/withdraw from the course for emergency reasons, inform your instructor and STEM Teach III as soon as possible. The instructor will inform you if you need to go through the institution’s drop process. If you do not successfully complete the course or withdraw from STEM Teach III courses, you will not have priority to register for future courses offered through STEM Teach.

Q. If I do not pass a class that was funded through STEM Teach, am I eligible to take subsequent courses?
A. If you are unable to successfully complete a STEM Teach III funded course (C+ or better), you may not be allowed to enroll in future STEM Teach III opportunities.

Q: How do I provide feedback on the completed course?

A: Each teacher will receive an email with a link to a survey for feedback about the program, course, instructor, etc. Your participation is strongly encouraged to continue improving the STEM Teach program.

Q: Are other STEM graduate courses opportunities available? 

A: Other programs were funded through the STEM Teacher Recruitment Fund. Read more about those programs here:

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