Teacher FAQs



Q: What is STEM Teach II?

A: STEM Teach is a project of the Independent Colleges of Indiana (ICI). It brings together a group of private colleges and universities to offer STEM courses and workshops to in-service teachers. Specific programs will primarily focus on teachers with master’s degrees seeking graduate level courses in a STEM content area for dual credit credentialing. It also seeks to strengthen K-12 teachers’ STEM knowledge and pedagogy to enrich STEM classroom instruction and help teachers with bachelor’s or master’s degrees add content areas to their current licenses.

ICI has contracted with the Center for Excellence in Leadership of Learning (CELL) at the University of Indianapolis for specific development as well as organizational and administrative support for the grant. It is funded through a grant from the Indiana STEM Teacher Recruitment Fund, established by the Indiana General Assembly and administered by the Indiana Commission for Higher Education.

Q: What is the goal of STEM Teach II?

A: The goal is to increase the number of highly qualified teachers of science, technology, engineering, and mathematics in Indiana. The primary target audience is in-service teachers (not administrators or other school personnel) wanting to improve their STEM content area knowledge and skills.



Q: Who is eligible to enroll in courses and workshops?

A: All K-12 teachers in Indiana public schools, including charter schools, and private schools.

Q: How will eligible teachers enroll in STEM Teach II courses and workshops?

A: Teachers can enroll in STEM Teach II courses through the online catalog at STEMteachIndiana.org. Marketing efforts will direct teachers interested in the program to this site, where they will fill out a form for each course or workshop they wish to take. This form, in turn, will be sent to the offering institution. STEM Teach II campuses have agreed to register participants as guests or special students, with the application fee waived. If the institution wishes to collect additional application/registration information, it will be responsible for coordinating that with course applicants.

Q: When are registration deadlines?

A: Deadlines vary each semester, depending on the start dates of courses and workshops that are offered. Generally, registrations may occur up until a few days before the course/workshop begins or until the maximum class size is reach. Enrollments are on a first come/first served basis, and in the past, courses/workshops have filled quickly.

Q: Is there a limit to the number of STEM Teach II courses that I may take per semester?

A: Due to limited funding, teachers may only enroll in a maximum of two courses per semester.



Q: Are there fees associated with taking STEM Teach II courses?

A: No, tuition is waived for eligible K-12 teachers who participate in STEM Teach.

Additionally, participants will receive a $500 completion award for each successfully (grade of C or better) completed course. Completion of each five-day workshop will provide $250 for participants, and completion of each 10-day workshop will provide $500 for participants.

For teachers taking graduate courses to become credentialed to teach dual credit courses, the following Credentialing Incentives are provided to encourage quick completion of needed coursework:

Credentialing Incentives:

$100 – 6 graduate credits completed in one dual credit content area

$200 – 12 graduate credits completed in one dual credit content area

$300 – 18 graduate credits completed in one dual credit content area

Q: Are funds available for materials needed in courses and/or workshops?

A: The individual institution will determine whether the teacher or institution will receive the stipend for books and/or course materials ($50 for a 30-hour workshop, $100 for a 60-hour workshop, $150 for a credit-bearing undergraduate course, and$200 for a credit-bearing graduate course). Additional fees may be assessed as needed. Institutions offering graduate science courses may be eligible for up to $300 in lab fees per teacher participant. All projected fees should be listed in the course descriptions.

Q: How will eligible teachers receive completion awards? And the stipend for course materials and fees?

A: When a course or workshop concludes, each institution will send ICI the grades for each participant. Attendees also must fill out and return a W9 form to ICI. If a participant has successfully completed the course/workshop (grade of C or better) and has the completed W9 on file at ICI, a check will be mailed. It may include the amount for the course or workshop completion award, plus the possible allotted amount for the books and materials. In some instances, the institution received those funds to provide books/materials to students. It may take up to 4 weeks from the date of all submitted paperwork for checks to be mailed to participants.

Courses & Workshops

Q: When will STEM Teach II courses be offered?

A: STEM Teach II courses will be offered beginning in Spring 2016 and continue through Spring 2017. Four semesters of courses and workshops are being funded through STEM Teach II.

Q: What are the courses and workshops that are available?

 A: See the course catalog for current offerings.

 Q: Can credits earned in STEM Teach II transfer to other institutions?

A: Yes, at the discretion of the institutions.

 Q: Can courses have prerequisites?

A: Yes, any prerequisites will be listed in the course description.

 Q: Where will courses and workshops be taught?

A: The answer will depend upon your course selection – it might be on the higher education institution’s campus, in a school district building, on another participating campus in a different region, online, or even another location. The location will be clearly stated in the course catalog.

 Q: What is required for dual credit certification for high school teachers?

A: 18 graduate level credit hours in a content area as part of or in addition to a master’s degree. Teachers of dual credit courses should check first with their school’s dual credit partner, a higher education institution, since each institution must confirm that its dual credit teachers meet credentialing requirements.

Q: Will Professional Growth Plan (PGP) points be awarded for teachers participating in a workshop?

A: Yes, teachers may request a certificate detailing the number of hours completed from the institution offering the course.

Q: What do I do if I need to drop a course/workshop after I have enrolled and even attended or participated in some sessions?

A: Inform your instructor that your are dropping the course/workshop. The instructor will inform you if you need to go through the institution’s drop process.

If you do not successfully complete the course/workshop, you will not receive a course completion award.

For additional questions, please email Trish Wlodarczyk at wlodarczykt@uindy.edu.