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STEM Teach III offers ICI member and public institutions the opportunity to work together to increase the number of qualified dual-credit teachers of science, technology, engineering, and mathematics in Indiana.

STEM Teach III included a course proposal process for ICI member and public institutions to identify graduate level courses or sequences of courses for inclusion in this grant-funded opportunity for teachers. Higher Ed institutions submitted proposals that included projected costs for tuition, books, and fees. This version of STEM Teach included a maximum amount for each of the cost categories that institutions could propose. The version of the program includes a university administrative service and campus liaison allowance.

Institutions were encouraged to propose graduate courses in 18-hour sequences in an online format. Institutions could also choose to collaborate in offering an 18-hour sequence within a discipline. If 18-hour credit sequences were not feasible within the STEM Teach III timeframe for a specific discipline, individual graduate courses in a discipline were considered for inclusion into STEM Teach III – if a particular course was proposed in a needed discipline. Courses are offered for a total of six semesters which includes: Spring 2018, Summer I 2018, Summer II 2018, Fall 2018, Spring 2019, and Summer I 2019. An extension has allowed an additional and final semester of Summer II 2019.

Courses have been selected to meet the variety of needs identified by teachers such as the STEM content areas, sequences of courses, and class format. Based on the course selection process, an online course catalog and web-based registration system are available for teachers prior to each semester. Registration lists for each course are provided to the institution offering the course with the agreement that teachers will not have to endure a laborious process for enrolling in a course at the institution.

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The proposal documents are included below for reference purposes only. The deadline to submit proposals has passed.

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