Apply for STEM Teach III

Instructions for STEM Teach III Online Teacher Application

The online application for teachers is now closed. If space becomes available, an additional application window may open in Fall 2018.

Please read all of the instructions below before clicking on the link to apply to STEM Teach III during this application window.       

When you click on the following link, you will be re-directed to the STEM Teach III online teacher portal In order to apply, you must set up an account that includes designating a username and password. Click on Prospective Students and/or Apply Today to set up an account. After setting up an account and logging in, click on Apply Today to begin the application.

Warning: The STEM Teach III application should be completed in one sitting. You will need approximately 10 minutes to answer all of the questions. For your application information to be saved, you must respond to all of the questions.

What will I need to complete the online application?
Each teacher is required to provide a variety of information including his/her contact information, teaching license number, and a letter of acknowledgement from his/her administrator.

Indiana Teaching License – You may find your teaching license number here:

Administrator Acknowledgment Letter – The letter from your administrator on district or school letterhead should include the following:

  1. Acknowledgement that you are applying to take courses through STEM Teach III
  2. Statement of need indicating that you need to complete courses in the “specified” content area for the school to continue offering dual credit courses (to students) OR
  3. Statement of need indicating that you need to complete courses in the “specified” content area for the school to offer dual credit courses in the future (to students)
  4. Name, title, and signature of administrator

Submitting the application
Once you have completed the application, you may click Submit at the bottom of the page. If needed, you may return to the portal and update your information during the application window.

Reminder: This portal is not part of the website, and you will need to return to our website to access general information and instructions regarding STEM Teach III.

I have submitted my application. What happens next?
STEM Teach III will send an email to each applicant indicating the status of his/her application within a few weeks of the application window closing. At that time, each accepted applicant will also receive instructions via email for course registration based on his/her priority registration status. (Current dual credit teachers have designated priority registration windows.)

Registering for Courses
The course catalog will be available during the registration window. Courses are selected for inclusion into the STEM Teach III catalog based on the courses that teachers designate as a need during the teacher application window.  STEM Teach will release the list of courses available prior to each semester via the course catalog available on this website.

Once a teacher is accepted into the program, he/she may register for one course per semester during a registration window (based on his/her current dual credit priority status).