Financial Information for Member Institutions

Financial Information for ICI Member Institutions

All funds will be sent directly to the business office of each institution, and the institution will decide how the funds are distributed.

As participants in STEM Teach II, ICI member institutions will be eligible for a limited number of course development stipends, tuition reimbursement for credit bearing courses and professor honoraria reimbursement.

Course Development

Reimbursement will be available during the Spring 2016 semester for the following activities only:

  • Converting face-to-face courses/workshops to online or hybrid format
  • Converting a workshop or undergraduate course to a graduate course
  • Creating a new graduate course as part of an 18-hour sequence

The stipend is $1,000 for the time and work of one instructor or $1,500 to be split for development by two instructors.


Course Tuition Reimbursement

Graduate courses: $800 per credit hour

3 credit hour course – $2400

4 credit hour course – $3200

Undergraduate courses: $500 per credit hour

3 credit hour course – $1500

4 credit hour course – $2000


Non-credit Bearing Workshop Fee Reimbursement

One week/5 days    – $250 per enrollee

Two week/10 days – $500 per enrollee


Professor Honoraria Reimbursement

To offset salary for credit-bearing course (graduate or undergraduate):

3 credit hour course     $4500 (+$1395 for 31% benefits) – Total $5895

4 credit hour course     $6000 (+$1860 for benefits) – Total $7869


To offset salary for non-credit bearing workshop:

5-day workshop (30 hrs)    $1500 (+$465 for benefits) – Total $1965

10-day workshop (60 hrs)  $3000 (+$930 for benefits) – Total $3930


Campus Liaison Stipend:

For each course that runs to completion – $200